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White Belt Tips

I wanted to take a second and shoot out a few tips for new white belts in jiu jitsu, things I wish someone had mentioned to me when I was first start.

Dont Rush it!
Jiu Jitsu isn’t something that can be learned over night, even at an accelerated pace you still have to put the time in. With each new technique countless hours need to be applied to not only develop the move, but also develop the timing associated with each move.

Drill, Drill, Drill.
Drilling is essential, and even though it may come across boring at times it creates the muscle memory necessary for live situations.

Eat right
You wouldnt put diesel in a race car and expect it to run would you? Your body is no different, adding the right fuel to your body will not only help you physically, but will also help your mindset when on the mats.


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